This is Family

Family isn’t always your biological one.
For many LGBTQIA+ people, family is chosen.

This year, we’re shining a light on chosen family,
an element of the Queer experience that is often
overlooked by mainstream media. 

Discover our Pride cast and hear their personal stories. 

House of Xtravaganza


Justice Smith
and Nic Ashe


John Waters
and Mink Stole


Sasha Lane and
Sergio D'arcy Lane


This is family through
the lens of Calvin Klein.

“It's like you've
known them forever,
feels like home.”

Justice Smith and Nic Ashe

Only 1 in 3 Queer youth find their home
to be Queer-affirming.*

*The Trevor Project National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health 2021

"Feels like I chose him from
the universe. I knew I was
gonna need him.”

Sasha Lane and Sergio D'arcy Lane

“I go to my chosen family
when I feel a deep longing
for a sense of belonging.”

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This is Love

For Advocacy

Calvin Klein is proud to support The Trevor Project and ILGA World,
two non-profit organizations working on ending suicide amongst
LGBTQIA+ people and advocating against discrimination, respectively. 

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