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Mini Dresses for Women

Explore the Calvin Klein collection of women’s mini dresses. Short. Soft. Sexy. These dresses are designed to make you feel your best. Shop mini dresses in classic black and beige or select your favourite seasonal colours. Elevate your style with a long-sleeve mini dress for understated sophistication. Wear it with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a badass outfit. Opt for a 90s look by pairing a denim mini dress with a matching denim jacket. Or make a seductive statement with sexy bodycon silhouettes. Pair your mini dress with chunky boots or trainers for a laid-back look or dress it up with sandals on special occasions. Wherever the day brings, make it count. Calvin Klein mini dresses. For women with confidence.

What to wear under a mini dress

Under a mini dress, you can wear seamless underwear or a thong to avoid visible panty lines. For added coverage and comfort, consider wearing tights or leggings underneath your mini dress.

Are mini dresses still in style?

Mini dresses gained popularity in the 1960s as a revolutionary symbol of liberation and youthfulness. Today, they’re still an iconic style, consistently making appearances on runways and in everyday wardrobes.